Pork Kosha And Blood Sausages Near Khanna, Calcutta

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Pork Kosha

Pork Kosha

My love for pork started with the Chinese dishes at Tiretta Bazar, the old China Town. It grew with the Tibetan momos and thukpas, English breakfasts, Hungarian sausages and steaks before returning home to wonderful Naga preparations. All these while I always thought how good this meat will taste if prepared like our good old Kosha Mangsho. Unfortunately there are very few places who serve pork like this. Thankfully there’s a place near my house 🙂

I have crossed this shop a million times, but always thought it to be a normal raw meat shop selling swine meat. Couple of months ago, one evening, I was walking past the shop and, unlike most of the days, was on the footpath. With a clearer view I noticed a medium container full of cooked meat. What! I stopped instantly. Never knew they sell cooked pork and this place is so close to my house!

The shop

The shop

After asking the person in the shop I came to know they sell Pork Kosha from around 2:30 – 3:00 pm and you will get it until around 9 pm. As I was going to order the kosha, something else caught my eyes. Sausages. Fat sausages. Wow!

Blood Sausage

Blood Sausage

– “Pack some sausage for me too.”, I said.
– “Those are not sausages.”

What? But I can see them right in front of my eyes. Now, who’s betraying me! My eyes? Aren’t they called sausages! I was completely confused and pointed my finger towards the heap.

– “Those are blood sausage. Made with pig blood.”

Really! Have heard a lot ’bout them, but I must admit I never had the opportunity to try them.

– “What goes into it? Only blood?”
– “Blood along with fat, minced meat, ginger, garlic, spices and chilli.”
– “That sounds good! Then pack some blood sausage too.”

Pork Kosha with Veg Fried Rice from our local shop

Pork Kosha with Veg Fried Rice from our local shop

The pork kosha was decent with a mix of fat and meat with bones and some liver pieces. Went well with the veg fried rice from our neighborhood stall. At ₹25 per 100 gms it was cheap.

The blood sausage had a dense taste, which I personally am not a big fan of, and the reason behind my not liking the Gurda Kebab (Kidney Kebab), but it also had strong hints of Ajwain / Carom which I liked. Overall not a bad experience. Blood sausage connoisseurs will be able to judge better.

Pork Blood Sausages

Pork Blood Sausages


From Khanna crossing keep moving towards Shyambazar taking the left footpath. After you cross Nalin Sarkar Street, it will be on your left after few shops.


Raw meat is available from the morning. The Pork Kosha and Blood Sausages are available from around 2:30 – 3:00 PM.


Pork Kosha – ₹25 / 100 gms
Blood Sausages – ₹20 / 100 gms

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Anirban Halder

Useful post for a pork lover! The only pork kawsha shop I’m aware of is in far south (Sonarpur station). Wish they sold ruti/ parota as well. Would have stood there and polished it off.


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