Capturing Rain Drops

After getting the new Sony Alpha 6000, I have been trying to capture shots which my previous camera did not allow me to. With its excellent auto focus and low light, high ISO performance I tried to shoot some rain drops in our balcony during today’s downpour. The camera is good, but me being a novice, I could not achieve what I was trying to. While I keep trying and improve myself, here’s one shot from today which I liked to some extent.


Raindrops keep fallin’



Husband is in the market for a new camera. I swear he has looked and looked. No he isn’t picky at all. Will show him your post and perhaps that will help him make up his mind.


That is actually a great shot the raindrops hitting the window. My husband is a photographer, so I’ve seen how hard it can be to get something like that. Good job.

Debra Hawkins

I love my sony camera! I still do most of my still shots with my full frame Nikon, i need to experiment with my mirrorless more!

Franc Ramon

I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. The shot look crisp and I can see the raindrops from the photo. It looks like a really powerful camera.

Christy Maurer

Very cool shot. I still have to work on my camera skills. I got a DSLR finally, but I’m still lacking in the lighting department and the which ISO should I use.

Liz Mays

It’s awesome that you were able to capture the rain this way! It sounds like you made a good choice on the new camera.


Capturing rain drops sounds like an awesome challenge! Here in the U.K. Where it rains a fair bit, though it’s not now. I think you’d be able to take more than 1 snap


Wow! That was a nice photo! I love taking pictures of sunsets and sunrises. If I get up early enough, I love taking photos of the dewdrops on the leaves! Thanks for sharing. I think I need a new camera. 🙂

Jaime Nicole

Wow, what I nice capture! Love that splashback. I’m a Canon girl, but I’ve heard Sony makes great cameras!


What a gorgeous shot! It is so hard to capture something like rain or dew. I wish I had time to perfect my photography.

Bonnie G

I think this picture is amazing. I really like it. I have been looking for a new camera myself.


Wow this is an amazing picture! I love taking pictures of my home (being a home decor blogger it happens a lot) or my kids. I would love to take the time and photograph nature more. Stunning pictures like this inspire me!


What a great shot! I love having a good camera that can capture so many things – it’s really life changing! Love this so much!


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