My Instagram Best Of 2015

2015 was the year when my Instagram connections rose from something around 100 to 700+ This encouraged me give more attention to what I post, and how. And as the year-end is approaching, I see my photos being noticed and loved more. This, obviously, is a great feeling. Here I am sharing few posts from 2015 which are my personal favourites.

My first post of the year was a lip-smacking Bengali dish from the Bangladeshi restaurant, Kasturi.

Few days later I attended the conference to celebrate 10 years of Bengali Wikipedia. The cake that was cut at the end of the first day of the conference –

My mother was suffering from kidney disease and was following a restricted diet which was boring and monotonous. Doctors allowed exceptions about once a month and this is what I cooked for her one fine January evening –

The lion and dragon dance show organised by The Indian Chinese Association to celebrate the Chinese New Year –

My comfort food Mushrooms on toast, made by my wife –

If you want a good Chinese meal, this is one of the best places in Calcutta –

And attending India’s first Dragon Boat Festival –

Cacti are beautiful –

Cactus #green #cactus #plant #nature #instaplant #cactaceae #Kolkata #Calcutta

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And Bengali sweets are heavenly –

Ronaldo in the making –

Street football #football #street #soccer #sport #Kolkata #Calcutta

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Calcutta rains –

#rain #Kolkata #Calcutta

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Celebrating Onam, Kerala’s state festival –

Delicious foods are also beautiful –

Sunset in Calcutta –

Sunset #sunset #Kolkata #Calcutta #India #nature #sky #cloud

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Learning street photography –

Sunset over the Ganges –

Trying macro –

Local fish market –

Maniktala fish market #Maniktala #fish #market #nonveg #food #mobilephotography #Calcutta #Kolkata #instaedit

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Beautiful wall decoration at a Chinese eatery –

Beautiful Jain temple –

The heritage crafts village of Raghurajpur, Odisha –

Hope to share more awesomeness in 2016 🙂


monica y

I always love this type of things at the end of the year. So good to see your year in review and remember those special moments all over again. I love your pictures

Nancy L.

Thanks for sharing the unique and interesting culture-filled photos! Now that my children are in college, hubby and I have been enjoying eating out and trying exotic dishes. Not quite as exotic and authentic as the dishes you have eaten, however.
There is still so much of the world I haven’t seen and would love to visit the Far East some day!

Tammilee Tips

What an amazing year you guy had!! I had a blast looking through mine and seeing all the places we had traveled to and seen this year! I can’t wait to see what is next for 2016 should be an amazing year.

Karissa @WithOurBest (@withourbest)

Food and travel – my favorite things to see pictures of! These are so unique and cultural! I am so glad your Instagram followers grew this year, it is no wonder! I look forward to what your Instagram feed will look like in 2016!

Cara (@StylishGeek)

Thank you for sharing your best of 2015. I still have to figure out what mine was…but thank goodness everything is documented in Instagram. Hoping you have an equally if not more fabulous year in 2016! Happy New Year!

Kelly Hutchinson

I have to admit, my mouth is watering! You have so many great food photographs in your Instagram feed. I think the most riveting is the street photography shot. Very compelling.


Love seeing all of your bests. I need to go back through all of my pictures. I am starting the project 365 and I can’t wait to see what types of pictures I am going to be taking tonight.


Your year has certainly been interesting. I have enjoyed browsing through your instagram photos. I like the mushroom on toast pic. Will you make me some now that I am hungry?


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