Wikipedia Takes Kolkata Photowalk – Season III

Wikipedia takes Kolkata is an annual event, where a group of like-minded people visit various landmarks of Kolkata, to click photos, which are used to enhance the Wikimedia repository. Wikipedia as we all know is the largest free online encyclopedia which depends entirely on voluntary activities. And the editors, to create and maintain the articles, need relevant photos with appropriate license. This is where the Wikimedia repository comes into play. The event is organised each year during the winters as it involves a lot of walking. This year the date was Sunday, the 23rd of February.

Around 7 AM 20 of us gathered near Maniktala crossing for the walk, with Rangan Datta, the famous travel blogger, as our guide. The 8 km walk took nearly 6 hrs and apart from the planned landmarks we also covered a few extra places on the way. The focus this year was on North Kolkata and the complete list of landmarks covered is as below –


Manik Baba Majar Sharif

Majar Sharif of Manik Baba near Maniktala crossing.

(Photo – Sumit Surai)


Grave of Moulana Abulkalam Azad's Father

Nakhoda cemetery near Maniktala crossing famous for the grave of Moulana Abulkalam Azad’s Father

(Photo – Sumit Surai)



Bangiya Sathiya Parishad

Bangiya Sahitya Parishat

(Photo – Indrajit Das)


Pareshnath Temple (Inside View) - Gouribari

Jain Temple. Shree Shree Sheetalnathji Temple and Garden in Gouribari. Founded by Rai Budree Das Bahadur – 1867

(Photo – Indrajit Das)



Pareshnath Temple (Inside View) - Gouribari

Jain Temple. Shree Shree Chandraprabhuji Temple in Gouribari. Founded by Ganasheelall Kapurchand Johouri – 1895

(Photo – Indrajit Das)


Jain Swetamber DADAJI'S Temple and Garden

Jain Swatember Dadaji’s Temple and Garden in Gouribari

(Photo – Subhojit Saha)



Sree Aurobindo Arrest Plaque

Sri Aurobindo was arrested on 2nd May 1908 for the Alipore Bomb Case, from 48, Grey Street, near Hatibagan Crossing. This plaque was unveiled on 2nd May 1990 by Governor Saiyid Nurul Hasan.

(Photo – Sumit Surai)


Star theatre

Star Theatre, near Hatibagan Crossing

(Photo – Probuddho Ganguly)



Town school

Town School, Hatibagan

(Photo – Probuddho Ganguly)


Mohun Bagan team 1911

Plaque of 1911 Shield winning Mohun Bagan team, Mohun Bagan Row near Fariapukur

(Photo – Santanu Chandra)



Naba Brindaban - Bagbazar

Naba Vrindaban Mandir , Bagbazar

(Photo – Sumit Surai)


The House of Girish Ghosh

House of Girish Ghosh , Bagbazar

(Photo – Aurobinda Dutta)



The House of sister nivedita

House of Sister Nivedita , Bagbazar

(Photo – Aurobinda Dutta)


Gaudiya Maath

Gaudiya Mission

(Photo – Samrat Dey Sarkar)



Panoramic view of Bosu Bati-BAgbazar-P1080792

Basu Bati , Bagbazar

(Photo – Sushovan Basak)


Galiff Street Bird Market

Gallif Street Pet Market , Bagbazar

(Photo – Santanu Chandra)



Sahu Ballav House - Shyambazar

Sahu Ballav House , Shyambazar

(Photo – Sumit Surai)


Parshwanath (Pareshnath) Temple Gate - Belgachhia

Shree Pareshnath Digambar Jain Temple and Garden , Belgachhia

(Photo – Sumit Surai)



Veterinary College

Bengal Veterinary College , Belgachhia

(Photo – Santanu Chandra)


Belgachhia Rajbari

Belgachhia Villa

(Photo – Sumit Surai)


Complete list of photos contributed by the participants can be viewed here and the Wikipedia page for the event is here.

The bengali newspaper Ei Samay covered the walk. Below is the article they published –

Ei Samay

Link to the epaper version of the article

I enjoyed the walk completely as I met new people interested in documenting the past of this city and shared stories and facts about the places we visited. A big thanks to Wikipedia and Rangan Datta for the informative walk.

Introductory Discussion - Wikimedia Photowalk - Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road - Manicktala - Kolkata 2014-02-23 9362

Introducing the objectives of Wiki Walk (Photo – Biswarup Ganguly)

Breakfast - Wikimedia Photowalk - Sri Aurobindo Sarani - Kolkata 2014-02-23 9555

Breakfast break (Photo – Biswarup Ganguly)

Wikimedia Photowalk - Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road - Kolkata 2014-02-23 9433

(Photo – Biswarup Ganguly)

Wikimedia Photowalk - Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road - Kolkata 2014-02-23 9432

(Photo – Biswarup Ganguly)

Wikimedia Photowalk - Nakhoda Burial Ground - Manicktala - Kolkata 2014-02-23 9389

(Photo – Biswarup Ganguly)

Group Photo of Participants - Wikipedia Takes Kolkata 3

Participants in front of Belgachhia Villa (Photo – Indrajit Das)




Thanks Prasun. Last year it was open to all, but this time it was restricted to regular contributors and persons interested in editing Wikipedia.

Indrajit Das

Sumit at first I would like to thank you for showcasig my photographs in your site. In short you are always a source of inspiration for me. In context of writing of this post I just want to say it really beautifully portrayed the day we have spent. Expecting more posts form your end in future. Thanks again and all the best.


Thank you for all the kind and inspiring words. We had a great walk together and hope to do more in the future πŸ™‚

Subhojit Saha

Thank you for showcase my photographs in your site.We are looking for more photo walk in future from Wikipedia.
Thank you Sumitda….


Yes Tracie, it really was great fun sharing facts and clicking together. Hope to showcase more lesser known but interesting places in the future.

Milosz Zak

There’s such contrast between stately India, and some of the underprivileged homes you see in documentaries. Really interesting architecture.

Dave Cole

I hadn’t heard of projects like this for Wikipedia – what a fantastic way of promoting your city and preserving its cultural heritage. The shots are very nice, too. Thank you for the photo tour!


India is a country with diverse culture, architecture and nature. Looking forward to your Indian travelogues πŸ™‚


Wonderful to see your pictures, I’ve visited and my grandmother lived there until she was 18. About time we went back.


I also like doing photowalks especially in cultural areas where you see the vibrance of other lifestyle on the street


I love joining Photowalks- it represents unity amongst Photographers- and with that, they create beautiful memories and images! Those are great photos!

Patricia C

It’s so colorful where you are! The buildings are all pretty interesting to look at, and definitely make for great photos. πŸ™‚


That’s so great you organise and participate in these photo walks..! Wikipedia would be so much more advanced if there were groups of like-minded people all around the world. Good job, guys!

Casey O'Connell

This is so great! I didn’t even know this was a real thing! It’s really neat that you got to work with so many other people, and it’s great for the community you’re photographing as well. Awesome!


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