Khatti Nutty Ice Cream

Last night I made a really tasty sweet and sour dessert. Sharing the recipe today.


Del Monte Pineapple Slices – 1 slice
Cashew nut – 20
Raisins – 20
Pistachhio – 10
Almond – 15
Del Monte Premium Pitted Californian Prune – 8, chopped
Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail – As much a you want with at-least one cherry
Vanilla Ice Cream – 1 scoop
Del Monte Four Seasons Fruit Drink : 1 can

Boil the fruit drink and reduce it to half the amount. Keep it in fridge to cool down. Roast the cashew and almonds a little. Place the pineapple slice and place one scoop of vanilla ice cream over it. Pour the reduced fruit drink over it and garnish with a cherry on top. Place the nuts and fruits in front of the pineapple. Enjooooy 😛

This is my entry for The Del Monte Blogger Recipe Carnival contest on IndiBlogger.

Khatti Nutty Ice Cream

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