An Afternoon Storm And Some Natural Paintings

This year the city is getting good dose of Nor’westers and as they cool us at least for a few hours, they draw some frightening yet beautiful paintings on sky too.

Nature painting on sky

We just cannot avoid admiring and at the same time getting afraid of the power of nature. We feel helpless, but cannot keep our eyes off the sky which looks like a canvas stretched far and wide for a wild water color.

Last Saturday I was having a late lunch when the wind started to pick up. On past few occasions I enjoyed the clouds from our rooftop. Those snaps could be seen here and here. This time I thought I would try our balcony. As we live on the second floor and most of the buildings around are 4 storeyed, there were quite a few obstacles, but anyway at least the view changed. Once again it was the camera on my Samsung Monte mobile. The wind was strong and my hands were shaking as I was trying hard to take some steady snaps.

Whatever I managed to achieve is below. The clouds were amazing and I just went on clicking. A mobile camera is nothing as far as photography is concerned, but it surely was enough to document a great sky.


The beginning

And the clouds grew darker

The lonely roof


Colours and the clouds

With the dark clouds and the silhouette of houses and trees all the shots looked black and white. The coloured glasses of this house however helped me gain some variation.

Wet-on-wet Watercolor

Nor’wester clouds


An early evening

The clouds look like an angry old man … the wind God maybe 🙂

Oasis of light



Patricia | MrsC

I find it fascinating how many different pictures you can take of clouds from one spot, each of them looking different from the one that came before it. Love those images!


interesting read and i like that you labeled them individually. i need to play with my camera more and learn about it. i hate the photos my iPhone takes but i cannot imagine being without it. samsung really nails the pictures but its not an apple product so that is out for me. nice pictures.


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