eCommerce consultant by profession, I am an avid foodie and travel addict. Places with heritage value or natural beauty and small eateries popular locally are subjects on which I love to blog. I love to communicate with locals and find out stories wherever I visit. Though I do not consider myself a serious photographer, I love clicking pictures and share them along with my stories.

Whenever I get some time, I contribute to Wikipedia, mostly editing articles and adding relevant pictures. I contribute my pictures to Wikimedia Commons too. Check my profile here. For the past three seasons I am attending the Wikipedia Takes Kolkata photo scavenger hunt. Read my posts on the third and fourth seasons.

I love cooking and mixing recipes to create something new. Some of my adventures can be found here under foods.

Lastly to write like the small prints, the views are entirely my personal ones. Love it or hate it, please do express your opinions as comments.


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