Make Your Home Smell Good In A Eco-Friendly Way

One of the problems during this festive season is maintaining your home. After the night long pandal hopping all we could think of is a good sleep to recharge ourselves before the next round. But you have so many things to do. Add to that keeping the house clean for all the friends and relatives who would be visiting. At this time of crisis even small helps mean a lot. But what if we get a big one with minimum effort?

A good air freshener can change your home in seconds. Specially when many people are visiting, a home which smells good, will earn lots of accolades. Now everyone wants his or her home to smell good & fresh. But how to choose the one we need? One obvious point is the fragrance. It should be good, not overpowering. Some air fresheners have such overpowering smell that we almost feel that we have eaten some flowers. A light fragrant is what we need which just kills any bad odor. Also we must make sure the ingredients are safe and there are no harmful chemicals used. Not only there would be food, but we would be inhaling the air it was sprayed into all the time.

Godrej Aer air fresheners

Godrej Aer air fresheners

While searching I came across the Aer line of products from Godrej. I liked the fragrances, but what attracted me more was they are eco-friendly. The fragrances in offer by Godej Aer were really fresh and nice. There are six variations to choose from this eco-friendly range of air freshener sprays. They call it designer fragrances. Which means they look just as good as they smell. I personally found the design of the spray cans really fresh. The fragrances are,,, musk.after.smoke, morning.misty.meadows and violet.valley.bloom.

Apart from the rooms, it is tough to keep the bathrooms smell free too, specially with so many people visiting. The gel bathroom fresheners help greatly here. Available in three fragrances they help keep your bathroom smell good for upto 30 days. Rightly as they say your bathroom is now in scented hands. My problem to make my home smell good has been sorted, thanks to Godrej Aer, in a eco-friendly way. I think you should give it a try too 🙂

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