The Easiest Way To Bake Your Own Pizza – Order A Kit From Pomodoro

I have been a pizza lover for a very long time. From the small round breads topped with chicken or veg and almost plastic cheese available at local confectioneries (they introduced me to pizza, I must confess) to the thin crust beauties with exotic toppings, I have tasted all Calcutta has to offer. While the two biggies in the city mainly offer thick crust varieties, many new and promising pizzerias are coming up with thin crust and delicious options. But what would you do if you want to enjoy one sitting inside the comfort of your home? I know most restaurants deliver at your doorstep these days. But however hard they try, it is never possible to deliver a hot off the oven pizza with cheese bubbling to you. This is where, I think, the concept of a pizza kit is a winner.

Pomodoro Pizza Kit

Pomodoro Pizza Kit

When I came to know about Pomodoro and their Pizza kit, I liked the idea, but was sceptical about how good it would be. I loved the menu though. Loads of options with mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, olives, jalapenos and one even with a creamy vodka sauce. It would have been a perfect one had they included some non vegetarian options too. I chose the Marinated Mushroom Pizza which comes with mushroom marinated in basil pesto, jalapenos, mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil. They deliver throughout Kolkata or you can pick up your kit from their New Alipore shop near the Triangular Park too.

Pomodoro Pizza Kit - solid packaging

Pomodoro Pizza Kit – solid packaging

The first thing that impressed me was the packaging. The box was a sturdy one and once opened found the condiments in cute little containers, which were fixed on round holes tightly on a cardboard. This ensures however rough the journey, the items inside the box will be OK. Full marks for the packaging from me. The pizza base was placed below the cardboard holder wrapped in a paper.

Pomodoro Pizza Kit - The toppings in cute little containers

Pomodoro Pizza Kit – The toppings in cute little containers

The sauce, condiments and spices were generous in quantity, one thing I think a lot of the pizzerias in Kolkata lacks. I was told everything found in the box is made fresh and in-house. From the hand tossed base, to the tomato sauce, to the cheese. It took just a few minutes to spread the sauce, toppings and cheese over the base and put it inside my OTG. I enjoy watching cakes, pizzas, kebabs being prepared and this time also it was no different. The view of the base browning while the cheese started bubbling made me hungry. And in a few more minutes it was ready.

Pomodoro Marinated Mushroom Pizza - Ready to eat

Pomodoro Marinated Mushroom Pizza – Ready to eat

I poured the chilli flakes and quickly took some snaps. After that the pieces disappeared in no time. The pesto marinated mushrooms tasted great, the cheese, tomato sauce and the crispy base were perfect too. I think even if the pizza was made with the marinated mushrooms alone without the cheese, it would have tasted great. It was that good. At 375 rupees it was priced perfectly too. I am definitely going back to them with some more orders.

For me Pomodoro is a good option because –

1. In that price bracket I found the amount of topping was good.

2. I can enjoy fresh baked pizza at home without much hassle.

3. I can customize and add my personal touch to it by adding toppings.

The vegetarian only menu for me is a big drawback though. True, that I can add few meats or fish, but what will happen when I am lazy and want a good non veg home baked pizza? I sincerely hope Pomodoro is listening 😛

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