Celebrating Real Togetherness – Real Emotions

These days we are increasingly moving away from ours roots, our culture and everything. All thanks to over dependence on the digital media. Science and technology is not bad, but it was never meant to replace things like feelings, emotions etc. But with every passing day we are forgetting this truth and becoming so dependent on technology that we are ceasing to remain humans.

I personally think festivals, of all the religions in this World, have one common goal. To unite people of all age, caste and financial conditions under one common roof. I have seen festivals like that and hence have enjoyed them from all religions with great enthusiasm. Be it our very own Durga Puja or the Christmas of the Christians or the Eid of the Muslims and so many more.

But these days the festivals have become a medium to boost ones social presence. I am not against social media. But the social media helps us to spread our words, our believes. Not for some mandatory images to show I attended some festival and gain likes. We are no more interested in taking part in the social events, interact with others in person and build up relationships. It is just visiting the festivals, checking into some social medias, post some images in another with lots of hashtags and emoticons. I am not saying this is bad, but all these will only have relevance if you actually feel and take part in the festival.

Similarly we are so getting addicted to our gadgets and phones that we hardly notice the world around us. We pass a beautiful green park immersed in our phones or listen to songs while passing a street musician, who is playing with all his heart. We have stopped to interact with the people around us and have created small worlds of our own. Naturally the loving and interconnected local world we used to have is falling apart.

All these makes people like me feel sad. We so badly want our culture, our history to be preserved. And for that the first step is to interact with people, learn things and work together. That is why, few days back, when I saw a video accidentally in Youtube I was really excited. Please view the video below first –

I loved the video because through this Kissan is spreading the message of real togetherness and community feelings. Where all will work for a common cause. I salute their attempt and sincerely hope that initiatives like these will help people realise the real meaning of togetherness, emotions and feelings and come out of their over dependence on technology. Hoping for a beautiful and organic world. Keep the farms open!

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