Airtel 4G – Internet Getting Faster

Last night while reading a travel blog, with loads of pictures, I was thinking how we used to access the internet during our school days. It was late nineties / early 2000 and internet was becoming popular with home dial up modems and few cyber cafes. Most of us did not have an internet connection at home and would visit the cyber cafes together. The pages used to take minutes to load even if there were minimum or no images. Downloading something was a luxury those days.

Today internet connection in India have improved a lot with unlimited broadband and 3G connections. But still when we visit graphic heavy pages or want to stream video, they do not perform well. Personally when I visit travel blogs I open a page in a tab and continue working on other tabs. I visit few minutes later and start reading, because I hate waiting for the images to load. While watching a movie in Youtube I follow the same process. Choose a resolution and keep it open for buffering. After about 30 minutes I start watching the movie. I always wish I could click open a movie on Youtube and start watching it instantly without waiting for buffering.

Going back to the travel blog I was reading last night, it has, as I mentioned, lots of images. So I opened few posts which I wanted to read and went for my dinner. That is when I came across this advertisement. Watch it below –

I was excited and went back to check their site immediately. The offers and prices which I saw were really cool. It is same as that I pay currently for 3G services. And getting a new 4G sim is also as easy as tweeting #GetAirtel4G and it will be delivered to your doorstep free! I decided immediately that I would give it a try. Just thinking about life with faster internet speed made me happy. I created a list of what will change with a better connection.

1. More Blogs

I love reading travel, photography and food blogs. All of them are usually media heavy. With a better connection I will be able to read more blogs and waste lesser time loading them completely.

2. More Films

I love watching movies and sports videos on Youtube. Lesser buffering time would mean more watch time. I hope to catch up fast with my growing watchlist now 🙂

3. Work will be easier

Better video conferencing, better screen sharing and faster downloading of shared docs and videos will mean lesser confusion and greater peace of mind.

4. More Photo Uploading

I love photography and store most of my digital images online to avoid data loss. The slow uploading irritates me and there are lots of files which are still to be uploaded. After my hard disk crashed last I always feel scared about the images which are lying in my PC storage. Would upload them as fast as possible with the new connection.

I have already decided to apply for the Airtel 4G dongle. What about you?

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