Kapil Paji’s Ek Nayi League

I am sure a lot of people have already heard about Kapil Paji’s Ek Nayi League. If you haven’t already, I think you should take a look at the site here first. I personally have gone through the videos and also followed him on Twitter, as asked, and tried hard to understand what this #EkNayiLeague is all about.

To begin with I am sure this is some sort of game show for the television and / or internet. This is quite clear as he kept mentioning “If you play with your heart”. (Silly, it is a League, so obviously it will be some game show. Do not pretend to be a detective by only guessing this.)

Ok, then lets guess what type of game show it will be. Initially I thought it will be a quiz show. Shows like these are quite popular and hence the chances are high it will be a quiz show. The videos were indicating something like that too. So I was quite sure it will be quiz show where there will be celebrity players and Kapil Dev will host the show.

But then I saw the Googly video. What is the connection between quiz and googly? The is it something different? Is it something related to riddles or questions with a twist. Possible. Absolutely possible. So my second guess was it will be game where celebrities will be given tricky question and riddles to solve.

Now, for me Kapil Dev is synonymous to sports. And I am sure the questions or riddles will be related to sports. Also I do not think it will be limited to cricket only. With a video on Sania Mirza too, I think it will involve all sporting categories.

Apart from riddles, another possibility that came to my mind is there will be various challenges. They might include physical challenges or something that will test someone with their management skills or ability to work in a team. There might also be rounds where the competitors will challenge each other. 

I am still going on with my guesses by watching the videos again and again and trying to find some clue or the other. The only thing which I have understood to be confirmed is one need to play with her brain here and not the heart. And it will be something very interesting.  I hope you people will also like to check out what it is all about. It will be fun guess what this Ek Nayi League is all about and what is Kapil Paji up to. Visit their site, watch the videos and try it out yourself. I am waiting eagerly for this new surprise from one of my favourite players. What about you?






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